UTM Firewall : AhnLab

AhnLab TrusGuard is Firewall, IPS, Application Control, VPN, Anti-Virus/Spam, Delivers a variety of security features, including C&C detection and blocking. The next generation of network-integrated security systems.

Authentication Security : PentaSecurity

I Sign+ PKI protects users and devices by providing a secure and efficient authentication and encryption infrastructure from e-Business to IoT environments.

Web Firewall : PIOLINK

With a fast, intelligent dual-detection engine, WEBFRONT-K blocks any web attack in real time and is the next generation of web firewalls that are reliable at large sites with industry-leading 40Gbps performance.

Network : CISCO - Switch

Provides easy network management with enhanced security.

Network : CISCO - Radio System

Access network resources anytime, anywhere with the same quality as wired networks.


LMS (PC Web and Mobile Web) deployment+hosting service+content development service is provided.

Development of various toll System Technology

- number recognition algorithm
- Rate Collection Matching Algorithm
- IR / RF Hi-Pass

Core equipment for toll system

- multi-car rate collection facility
- Imaging and Recognition Device (VES, ANPR)
- High Pass Integrated Car Controller

ITS Maintenance

- Highway ITS Maintenance
- Highway Toll Collection System
- Highway Restricted Vehicle Control System
- National Highway ITS Maintenance

ITS/Tolling System Establishment

-ITS/Tolling System R&D
- ITS/Tolling System Establishment


Enable preemptive defense with solutions with always-on analytics against persistent and ongoing security threats.